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Algeria , Wednesday 24 January 2018

News Algeria » Gardaya: Clashes in Algeria's Ghardaia signal lasting conflict

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Publication date: Saturday 14 February 2015

Ghardaia, Algeria - New clashes between Berber Mozabites and Chaamba Arabs in Ghardaia, 600km south of the Algerian capital Algiers, have underlined the complexity of the long-running conflict between the two communities. Three elderly residents died of ...

News Algeria » Gardaya: Sectarian violence threatens fragile Algeria desert region

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Publication date: Wednesday 29 January 2014

Weeks of violence between two rival communities have swept Algeria's desert city of Ghardaia, enflamed by the destruction of a historic Berber shrine, with analysts warning of sectarian conflict engulfing the fragile region. For more than a month ...

News Algeria » Gardaya: Ghardaia, Algeria 10 Day Weather

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Publication date: onday 15 January 2018

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News Algeria » Gardaya: Malian killed in southern Algeria violence

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Publication date: Wednesday 15 October 2014

Since last December, Ghardaia – located 600km south of capital Algiers – has been the scene of on-again, off-again sectarian violence between Arabs and Berber residents. A Malian citizen was found dead in Algeria's southern Ghardaia province on ...

News Algeria » Gardaya: Algeria: Situation in Ghardaia - President Bouteflika Takes Series of Decisions

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Publication date: Wednesday 08 July 2015

Algiers — President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Wednesday took a series of decisions at a meeting on the situation in Ghardaia, said a statement from the Presidency of the Republic. The Head of State instructed the commander of the 4th ...

News Algeria » Gardaya: 22 die in clashes in Algeria, president orders crackdown

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Publication date: Wednesday 08 July 2015

Algeria – Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika issued an emergency plan on Wednesday to crack down on mounting ethnic unrest around the country’s southern oasis city of Ghardaia, which has left at least 22 people dead in the past two days.

News Algeria » Gardaya: Algeria: A nation yearning for change

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Publication date: hursday 11 October 2012

We asked him how had the last year been in the oasis town of Ghardaia ... But it is a nation yearning for change. The leaders, now in their seventies, have been around since Algeria won independence from France 50 years ago. It is a nation stuck in ...

News Algeria » Gardaya: Algeria hostage crisis: militant group wanted to trade US hostages for 'Blind Sheikh'

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Publication date: Friday 18 January 2013

An al Qaeda-linked alliance seized control of the vast area, twice the size of Texas, last year. Born in Ghardaia, Algeria in 1972, Belmokhtar lost an eye fighting with the mujahideen in Afghanistan against the Kabul government after the Soviet withdrawal ...