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Algeria , Wednesday 24 January 2018

News Algeria » Illizi: Algeria Aims To Develop Shale Gas Despite Challenges

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Publication date: hursday 18 January 2018

Meanwhile, the Algerian energy ministry estimates total technically recoverable resources at 741 Tcf, using a recovery factor of 15%, and covering Ahnet, Timimoun, Bechar, Berkine Berkine and Illizi basins. Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia encouraged ...

News Algeria » Illizi: Anadarko Begins Production in Algeria’s Field of Dreams

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Publication date: Friday 01 November 2013

US oil company Anadarko Petroleum Corp. has officially launched production in Algeria’s Illizi Province, with plans to produce 146,000 barrels per day in partnership with Algerian state-run Sonatrach. Production at the southeastern el-Merk field ...

News Algeria » Illizi: Algeria looks to develop shale gas sector

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Publication date: Sunday 27 July 2014

There are considerable doubts as to whether Algeria can successfully develop a shale gas sector, but it could be critical to maintaining the country's standing as an international gas exporter. Four shale gas wells will be drilled in the Illizi basin in ...

News Algeria » Illizi: Algeria Launches Communication System Menos in Southern Province Illizi

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Publication date: Wednesday 19 November 2014

Illizi (algeria) — Minister of Communication Hamid Grine launched Tuesday the Multimedia Exchange Network Over Satellite (MENOS) in Illizi (1850-km southeast of Algiers). The set-up of this modern technological communication support is part of Algeria's ...

News Algeria » Illizi: Algeria: ISIL Comeback Campaign Collapses

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Publication date: uesday 18 October 2016

That is not working out either. Meanwhile AQIM stays in the news because of things like the recent (September 20 th) kidnapping of two Italians and a Canadian in southwestern Libya (next to Algeria’s Illizi Province). This was organized by Abdellah ...

News Algeria » Illizi: Tourists Seized In the Sahara, But by Whom?

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Publication date: hursday 08 May 2003

Earlier, The Associated Press, citing another Algerian official, said that the missing tourists were being held in the Illizi region. Other reports from Algeria have cited a Western diplomat saying that if the tourists were being held by antigovernment ...

News Algeria » Illizi: Algeria woos energy investors

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Publication date: Wednesday 23 March 2016

That effort centers on Hassi Massoud, Hassi Berkine and Illizi in the southwest and west. Japanese firm GJC last month won a $339 million deal to help increase production at Hassi Massoud. ALGIERS: After a deep slide in oil prices, Algeria’s Sonatrach is ...

News Algeria » Illizi: Analysis: Why it is dangerous to misunderstand true origins of "Libyan refugees"

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Publication date: uesday 23 February 2016

A man walks past a road sign in the town of Djanet, Illizi province in southeastern Algeria, on Sept. 2, 2011. It was reported that many refugees from Libya flew to Algeria's Illizi province since the outbreak of Libyan crisis. As an oasis deep in the ...

News Algeria » Illizi: Algeria Sonatrach makes 4 oil, gas finds-agency

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Publication date: Sunday 15 April 2007

ALGIERS, April 16 (Reuters) - Algeria’s state-owned energy group Sonatrach has made four discoveries of oil or gas in the Berkine and Illizi basin in the Sahara, the official APS news agency reported on Monday, quoting a company statement. Sonatrach and ...

News Algeria » Illizi: Algeria's Sonatrach to sell oil and gas sites

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Publication date: uesday 22 March 2016

and Illizi near the Libyan border. As part of the campaign, Sonatrach chief Amine Mazouzi will travel to China at the end of the month for meetings with Chinese oil companies Sinopec and CNPC, which are already operating in Algeria. Algeria’s energy ...