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Algeria , Friday 20 April 2018

News Algeria » Tebessa: Mine explosion in Algeria condemned

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Publication date: Friday 16 February 2018

The State of Qatar has condemned the explosion of a hand-crafted mine in the Governorate of Tebessa in Algeria, which killed and wounded a number of soldiers. In a statement yesterday, the Foreign Ministry reiterated Qatar’s firm stance rejecting ...

News Algeria » Tebessa: Algeria: Peaceful Enough For A Good Frack

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Publication date: Sunday 28 January 2018

Algeria will not contribute ... January 24, 2018: Near the Tunisian border (Tebessa province, 650 kilometers east of the capital) soldiers found and destroyed three locally built bombs. These bombs are often used to ambush army patrols on roads or along ...

News Algeria » Tebessa: Algeria arrests three suspected Islamists after blast

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Publication date: onday 05 June 2017

Algeria announced on Sunday the arrest of three suspected Islamists ... "Members of the National Guard arrested three backers of terrorist groups on June 3 at Tebessa," about 550 kilometres (340 miles) southeast of Algiers, the defence ministry said.

News Algeria » Tebessa: ArcelorMittal signs strategic pact with Algeria's Sider

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Publication date: hursday 28 September 2017

It added: "The plan will see ArcelorMittal reduce its shareholding in both ArcelorMittal Annaba and ArcelorMittal Tebessa to 49 per cent, with the State of Algeria holding the remaining share of 51 per cent." On September 29, ArcelorMittal had announced ...

News Algeria » Tebessa: Algeria: Tebessa - Immediate Surroundings of Byzantine Wall to Be Rehabilitated

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Publication date: Wednesday 16 March 2016

Tebessa — The rehabilitation of the immediate surroundings of Byzantine wall of Tebessa (634 km east of Algiers), intended to increase the tourist attractiveness of the site, launched last December, will be completed short before the Month of Ramadhan ...

News Algeria » Tebessa: Under the Radar: Indonesia’s Relations with Algeria

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Publication date: Wednesday 12 April 2017

Undeniably, energy is a major component defining Indonesia’s relations with Algeria ... a joint venture between Indorama and Algeria’s Manal to develop a new phosphate mine in Algeria’s eastern province of Tebessa. Indorama and Manal would also ...

News Algeria » Tebessa: Algeria: Counterterrorism - Three Bunkers Destroyed in Tebessa

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Publication date: Wednesday 24 February 2016

Algiers — Three (3) bunkers serving as caches for terrorists have been found and destroyed Tuesday by a detachment of the People's National Army (ANP) of the operational area of Tebessa, the National Defence Ministry announced Wednesday in a statement.